Youth and Family Services


Mission Statement

Youth and Family Services is committed to promoting the positive and healthy well being of the Town’s youth, families and senior citizens. We are concerned with all aspects of life that affect youth, their families and the community and are dedicated to a collaborative approach to analyzing existing needs and developing programs and relationships to serve those needs.

Since 1975, Youth and Family Services has been providing a wide range of services to address the many problems that all communities face today.

Through counseling, educational programs and support services, individuals can gain a better understanding of themselves and their situations and take the necessary actions to resolve the problems they encounter.

Through our prevention programs, young people can learn new life skills, take leadership roles and build self-esteem, which are essential ingredients to their positive development and successful future.

As a planning and coordinating agency, Youth and Family Services works closely with the schools, police, agencies and organizations to assess community needs, develop strategies and implement effective programs.


Youth and Family Services is supported by Town funds, State grants and Program fees. Many services are free to Old Saybrook residents. Counseling fees are assessed on a sliding scale based on one’s ability to pay. Youth and Family Services also accepts most major insurances. No one is refused services because of limited financial resources.

Other Funding Support

  • Public Heath Nursing Board
  • The Lions Club
  • Old Saybrook/Westbrook Exchange Club
  • Old Saybrook Rotary Club
  • Donations from Community Residents


Agency Staff

All YFS staff members are experienced professionals dedicated to working with youth, parents and the community. Counselors are licensed master’s level clinicians who receive ongoing supervision and consultation.

In addition, our staff participates in post-graduate training programs and workshops in their respective fields to enhance their skills and expertise.