Emergency Management

By now, most everyone’s lives have been affected by Covid 19, also known as the corona virus. Whether it is school activities that have been cancelled or meetings postponed, most of us are experiencing some disruption to our lives. By all accounts, this is likely to continue for at least the next few weeks. During times of unusual activity beyond our control, people frequently look to government for assistance, resources and information. In this regard, we will provide leadership at the local level and provide the public with the best information we have available to us.

  • Please know that the best source of Public Health information is the CDC website:   www.cdc.gov
  • Be wary of Coronavirus scams.  If you believe you are and have been subject to a scam, please contact the police department – 860-395-3142
  • At the recommendation of the CDC please ensure that you have an ample supply of food, medications, and sanitary supplies.   Social services resources are available for those in need.  Call Youth and Family at 860-395-3190.
  • This is a fast moving public health event. We will make information available as frequently as possible. Old Saybrook is prepared as well as any community can be to respond to this event. Have confidence in our Public Safety and Public Health Leaders and the response structure that is in place should this pandemic reach Old Saybrook.