Land Use

  • Plumbank Shed
  • Fort Saybrook Signs
  • Residential Street
  • Lighthouses
  • Between Bridges
  • Main Street Sidewalk

Current & Long-Range Planning

Proactive to municipal needs, the Department conducts long-range planning of the Town’s land. Municipal initiatives—studies, programs, physical improvements—as recommended in the Town’s plans, including the Plan of Conservation & Development, require public participation, design/permitting, and funding to implement.

Reactive to market wants, the Department conducts current planning of private land. Regulation of site-specific initiatives—permitting, enforcement, and inspection—require one-on-one consultation with land developers, property owners, and business tenants, Town agency review and extensive public record keeping for the regulatory agencies.

Christina M. Costa, Town Planner, CZEO

Town Planner
Zoning Enforcement Officer

Sarah Lyons

Land Use Admin.

Assistant Town Planner
Wetlands Enforcement