Land Records

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For Title Professionals

Fees for recording in Connecticut are as follows:

  • MERS document fees
  • All other documents:
    • $60.00 for the first page of a document
    • $5.00 for each additional page
    • $2.00 additional flat fee per deed transferring property ONLY if the transfer includes payment of conveyance tax
    • Old Saybrook Real Estate Conveyance Tax .0025 (1/4 of a percent)
    • State of Connecticut Real Estate Conveyance Tax Form OP236 Click Here

General Information

The Old Saybrook Town Clerk’s office has land records dating to 1854. Land records from 1966 to the present time can be searched, viewed and printed on the Cott Systems’ indexing computer located in the office. Remote access is also available via the link above. Online viewing of the index is free of charge, however, there is a fee to view and/or print the actual document.

The office has completed indexing our recorded map collection dating to June 1968. This means only the map indexing & map file number will be available through the same Cott Systems’ computer program as our land records. The map images will never appear on the system. To view or obtain copies of maps, you must still visit our office.

Copy requests for land records can be done via the mail. Land records cost $1.00 per page of the document and maps cost $2 per map on 11"x17" paper. To certify the copy, there is an additional charge of $2.00 per document. If you send a letter referencing which volume and pages you need, along with a check for fees, we can mail you the copies.

Checks payable to “Old Saybrook Town Clerk.” Include SASE.

Mail request to:

Town Clerk
Town of Old Saybrook
302 Main Street
Old Saybrook, CT 06475