Getting Started

Most of our clients seek counseling to help with the kinds of issues that anyone may face – things like stress, family communication, anger, depression, concerns about a child’s behavior, eating or sleeping problems, loneliness or adjusting to a new stage of life.

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at (860) 510-5042. At that time we will do an “intake” with you over the phone, obtaining information to help us assign the appropriate counselor and services to best meet your needs. This information will be reviewed at the weekly Counselors Meeting on Wednesday mornings. At that meeting your counselor will be assigned; when appropriate, other recommendations regarding services may be made. (Please note there may occasionally be a waiting list.)

Our Agency complies with a Professional Code of Ethics so you may be assured that all information and sessions will remain confidential.


Your first several sessions will be important to identify problem areas, create a direction for counseling and set up goals to work towards. At this stage your counselor may suggest involving your family members so a more complete perspective can be gained.


In successful counseling, individuals and families work towards exploring troubled areas in their lives, understanding the issues and dynamics that are contributing to problem areas and then taking action in order to resolve the issues that affect them and their families. Counseling can be most effective when you:

  • Actively participate and take responsibility
  • Present your problems as you see them & work closely with your counselor
  • Continue to work on issues in your daily life, not just during sessions
  • Try to carry out recommendations you are in agreement with

Short-Term Counseling

Youth and Family Services provides short-term counseling services. A maximum of 12 sessions will be scheduled with each client and/or family. At the end of 12 sessions, you and your counselor will review progress and if appropriate, contract for additional sessions. Clients with long-term counseling needs can be referred to other agencies and/or services.


Appointments are usually 50 minutes in length. We ask for 24-hour notice whenever you have to change or cancel an appointment. If you miss an appointment without notifying our Agency, the full fee may be charged. It is extremely important to comply with this item as Youth and Family Services usually has a list of clients waiting to receive services.