Lookup & Pay Tax Bill

Lookup & Pay Tax Bill

No credit / debit or electronic check payments can be processed at the Tax Office window or over the phone.

Payment of tax bills by credit / debit or electronic is available online only.

Fees Associated with Online Payment

Point and Pay (the Towns’ partner in electronic processing) charges taxpayers a convenience fee for processing credit card transactions. The fee for a credit card is 2.5% of the total, with a $2.00 minimum fee and is disclosed before you approve the transaction. A debit card (Visa or MasterCard) is a flat fee of $3.95. Electronic check transaction fee is $.95. Taxpayers will have the opportunity to review the transaction and cancel the transaction if necessary before it is processed. Payment can be made by credit card / debit card or electronic check through the Town website ONLY.

Online Payment of Delinquent Motor Vehicle Tax - Transaction Delay

If delinquent motor vehicle taxes are being paid via credit card / debit card or electronic check the Town of Old Saybrook does not receive funds associated with the transaction for 3 to 5 business days after the transaction is created. We will not release the CT DMV delinquent tax ‘hold’ associated with the name in which delinquent tax is linked until the Town has received said funds. All tax due in the name of including jointly registered motor vehicles must be paid for release with the CT DMV. The best way to avoid problems with compliance at the CT DMV is to pay your motor vehicle taxes on time, before they are late.

The quickest way to be released at the CT DMV is to pay cash at the Tax Office.

Priority of Payment Application

When paying bills online – understand the oldest bills need to be paid first – penalty (interest), fees and tax working forward to more current bills. If a current year bill is paid and there is tax due from a previous year (older bill) we will apply the payment to the oldest bill or bills first.

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If you experience errors using online payments:

Older operating systems or web browsers may not have the newer security protocols necessary to do online tax payments.

To determine whether your system has the necessary security protocols, click here.

If the "Protocol Support" box at the top says "Your user agent has good protocol support" your system has the necessary security protocols to use the online payment system.