Police Executive Research Forum - Public Comment

Press release
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The Town of Old Saybrook has contracted the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) to review the Old Saybrook Police Department’s (OSPD) pay and benefits, recruitment and hiring practices, retention efforts, promotional processes, and organizational culture.

 As a part of this review, PERF invites members of the public to comment on the above-listed issues, which define the scope of the project. You can provide comment by emailing oldsaybrook@policeforum.org. PERF will analyze the emails it receives for common themes. Respondents will remain anonymous, and absent extraordinary circumstances, PERF will not reply to emails. Anyone who chooses to comment is asked to do so by May 1, 2024.

Please note: Complaints of employee misconduct should be reported directly to OSPD, not PERF. To do so, you can access OSPD’s Civilian Complaint Instructions and refer to General Order 4.6: Civilian Complaints





PERF is an independent research organization that focuses on critical issues in policing. Since its founding in 1976, PERF has identified best practices on fundamental issues such as reducing police use of force; developing community policing and problem-oriented policing; using technologies to deliver police services to the community; and evaluating crime reduction strategies. PERF strives to advance professionalism in policing and to improve the delivery of police services through the exercise of strong national leadership, public debate of police and criminal justice issues, and research and policy development. PERF is an independent contractor and is not an agent of the Town of Old Saybrook or OSPD.