Surveys, Studies & Inventories 

Historic American Buildings SURVEY in Old Saybrook

Library of Congress

Historic Resources SURVEY (1967-1974)

Old Saybrook Preservation Society

Historic & Architectural SURVEY (1980) in Old Saybrook

Connecticut River Estuary Regional Planning Agency

Archaeological Preserves in Old Saybrook

State Historic Preservation Council

Operating Lighthouses in Connecticut MULTIPLE PROPERTY SURVEY (1989)

National Park Service

Historic Barns SURVEY (2011) in Old Saybrook

CT Trust for Historic Preservation

Town Greens SURVEY (1993) in Old Saybrook

CT Trust for Historic Preservation

Local Historic Districts INVENTORY (2014) in Old Saybrook

CT Trust for Historic Preservation

Old Saybrook Historic and Architectural Resource Survey REPORT (2015)

Town of Old Saybrook

Cornfield Point Historic Resources Inventory (2016)


Architectural SURVEY (1937) in Old Saybrook

Works Progress Administration

State REGISTER of Historic Places

State Historic Preservation Council

National REGISTER of Historic Places in Old Saybrook

National Park Service

Connecticut Local Historic Districts and Property Values (2011)

CT Trust for Historic Preservation

Investment in Connecticut: The Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation (2011)

Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office

New Deal PROJECTS in Old Saybrook

The Living New Deal association

Historic District Study Committee REPORT (1970)

Old Saybrook Historic District Study Committee
Guidance in Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring or Reconstructing Historic Buildings 

Secretary of Interior's STANDARDS and GUIDELINES

National Park Service

Preservation Tech NOTES

National Park Service

Preservation BRIEFS

National Park Service

Technical Assistance ARTICLES

National Allilance of Preservation Commissions


Connecticut Historical Society (since 1825)

Cypress Cemetery Association (since 1904)

National Park Service (since 1916)

State Historic Preservation Office (since 1955)

Old Saybrook Historical Society (since 1958)

Connecticut River Gateway Conservation Commission (since 1973)

Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation (since 1975)

National Alliance of Preservation Commissions (Since 1983)