Kidz Lunch Bunch 2019

Old Saybrook Public Health Nursing Board funds two successful nutrition programs for Children and Families in Old Saybrook.

Grub Club is an after-school “Skill-building Cooking Club” for Middle School Students and KIDZ LUNCH BUNCH provides free summer lunches for kids two to eighteen years old. The goal of Grub Club is to provide a safe place for students to explore and experiment with food by preparing and tasting it. The purpose of KIDZ LUNCH BUNCH is to provide kids access to free nutritious lunches during summer. 

Grub Club holds four different sessions throughout the school year. Students gain culinary skills, making smoothies, breakfast burritos, mac and cheese from scratch, pizza and more. The Club meets at the Community room of Saye Brooke Village where helpers provide guidance and support. Students report they now eat breakfast because they liked breakfast burritos, or make salad dressing, tacos in a tin or cakes in mug at home. More than fifty students became junior chefs last year. 

KIDZ LUNCH BUNCH has become a remarkable community wide effort. The program began as a USDA Summer Food Program in 2015. Five years later it has truly become a community sponsored program. Six Old Saybrook restaurants provide the lunches, milk and condiments served to the more than three hundred and thirty KIDZ this summer. Lunches were served an hour a day, four days a week through the month of July at Goodwin School’s Gazebo and the Acton Public Library. Our thirty volunteers became drivers, servers, helpers, story teller-song leaders, crafters and healthy snack makers. The Library donated hospitality, books, bags and crafts. Churches, Food Pantries donate space, publicity and helpers. Old Saybrook Public Health Nursing Board provides a start-up funding. While Department of Education, Social 

Services and Information Technology provide signage, publicity and ongoing support. 

Both programs were created and presented by nutritionist Kathy Cobb MS RD.