A Message from the Chief of Police

Chief Michael A Spera
Chief Michael A Spera


The Old Saybrook Department of Police Services provides diverse traditional and non-traditional law enforcement services to our community, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. For the better part of each day, our Department is the only municipal government agency open to serve the citizens and visitors of our community.   

Old Saybrook citizens and those who visit our community expect, demand, and deserve prompt, professional law enforcement services. Business owners and residents alike depend on the police department to create a safe and sound atmosphere. This atmosphere, preserved by the Department of Police Services, enhances the local economy by making our community attractive to new businesses, patrons, and tourists. Parents demand that their children live in a safe community where they are befriended by the police. This includes the delivery of proactive services to students and faculty within our public and parochial schools. Our senior population requires nontraditional programs that provide them with crime prevention tips, identity protection, and prompt response to a medical crisis with exceptional 911 call taking with pre arrival care instruction, superior medical equipment and well-trained personnel.   

The quality of life we enjoy in Old Saybrook begins with the safety and security of our community. 

As a Police Agency our dedicated Members are proud to meet the challenges presented to our community and partner with the Old Saybrook Citizens each day.  Most of all we are humbled to be entrusted with the role of “community guardians” for the most special community in Connecticut!

Michael A Spera

Chief of Police