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A Winning Investment

The Town’s investment in Municity, the Building Department permitting software, continues to pay dividends.  ISO, the Insurance Services Office, rated the Town of Old Saybrook Building Department in June.  ISO analyzes the effectiveness of local building codes on how structures will fare in natural disasters.  The Town of Old Saybrook Building code effectiveness rating improved by as much as 50% under the guidance of Building Official Tom Makowicki using Municity.  Through administration and enforcement of the Building Code, property damage from natural disasters can be cut in half.  Why should you care?  By making the safety and security of Old Saybrook residents and their homes a top priority, the economic well-being of the town and its residents improves by ultimately seeing lower homeowners’ insurance rates.  “Municipalities with well enforced up-to-date codes demonstrate a better loss experience and their citizens’ insurance rates can reflect that”, according to the ISO.  Old Saybrook always strives to be on the forefront of protecting residents and increasing overall economic prosperity with all of the Town’s programs, which include the Old Saybrook Flood Ordinance, Natural Disaster Mitigation Plan and Fire Codes.

Municity paid dividends immediately for the Building Department when implemented in February 2018.  With over 1700 inspections in a year, Municity has streamlined the process.  Using a tablet for photos and inspection reports, accuracy and efficiency have improved dramatically for  Building Official Makowicki.  Reports and digital permit records make permitting, analysis and data accessibility easy and effortless.  Municity’s stock continues to rise with digital permitting and enhanced public records access is on the way.   Makowicki also feels the program has significantly improved organization and interdepartmental communication. “Municity helps us communicate with the Zoning Department and the Assessor’s Office and keeps construction in Old Saybrook running smoothly,” says Makowicki.  Municity is also expected to be implemented in the Town of Old Saybrook Public Works Department some time in 2019.

 Better construction.  Better insurance rates.  Better economy.  The Town’s Municity investment has been a clear winner for both our residents and the Town.